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Morgan Sturdy

Morgan Sturdy Play Roly Co-Founder & Board Member

Founder, Morgan Sturdy, was a pioneer in the tech sector in Vancouver, BC, with over 30 years of executive experience. He has served on multiple corporate boards, and chaired the boards of BC Tech, VEF, and Science World


Morgan is a past recipient of the BC Tech Lifetime Achievement Award. Between 1986 and 1997 he transformed his hardware company, along with his dedicated team, into a software company that was acquired. Until 2000, he operated the North American Division of the business between Vancouver, New York, and Israel.

Since then Morgan has been involved in some of BC’s largest M&A exits. 


A well-respected entrepreneur and leader, Morgan is also a mentor to philanthropic, government, and commercial organizations and is recognized for giving back to the community. 


Like many other CEOs and entrepreneurs, Morgan is dyslexic.

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