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At-home early reading learning tools for parents

You can impact your child’s reading success with the Play Roly
letter sounds game

Play Roly is a short, fast, fun, and free activity of 26 sing-along videos designed for parents like you to play at home, one-on-one with your 3 to 5 year old child. You can trust Play Roly to ensure your child learns and practices the foundational early reading skills critical for reading success.

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The challenges of learning to read in a classroom setting

Early reading skills are taught in preschool and schools—but as many as one in four children fail to grasp the essential first steps to read in a group setting such as a classroom. Slower learners take over ten times longer than the fastest children to learn. Failure to strengthen these foundational skills—called phonological and phonemic awareness—can delay reading and negatively impact your child’s confidence to learn.

The essential foundational skills required to learn to read and why learning through play is important

Decades of science of reading has identified the following as as foundations of reading children must learn in order to start reading:

  • learning letter sounds (often called phonemes)
  • learning to blend letter sounds to form words
  • and learning to segment words into letter sounds

For example, experts agree that kids first need to understand that the spoken word ‘mat’ breaks into three sounds. Later, they learn that these three sounds match the letters ‘m-a-t ‘to say ‘mat’. For the majority of kids this takes practice. Roly makes this easy and fun through letter sound songs and play, making it much easier for kids to learn in a relaxed atmosphere and enjoy meaningful one-on-one time with a parent or loved one.

Take control and enjoy this quick at home learning activity with your child

Parents and kids bring Roly to life by drawing a face on any ball, rolling Roly back and forth, and singing along to Roly’s musical language of letter-sound videos. Teachers and internationally renowned experts recommend Play Roly—in under two-minutes of daily play, you will give your child the time to learn the essential first steps in reading, boost confidence, and impact reading success. Playful learning during the important developmental early literacy learning window—between 3 and 5 years—ensures the development of age-appropriate reading skills for all children.

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When you sign up for the Play Roly at home learning app, each day’s video will be waiting for you. All you have to do is click on the app, follow along with Roly, and have fun with your child. Play Roly tracks everything in your progress tracker, and when you get to the end, Roly sends your child a certificate of completion!

Kids love Play Roly and it’s one of the best apps for learning to read

Childhood learning experts agree, practice through engaging in play is highly effective for young kids—your child will happily Play Roly again and again and enjoy every minute of it. Experts agree, it’s one of the best apps for learning to read. And you get the peace of mind that your child is reading ready when you see your child learn what he/she needs, at the optimum age, at a pace that works for him/her.

What moms say
“My son knew he was learning but he was excited to do it each day and since it was a short exercise, it didn’t overwhelm him. I call that playful learning!”
What teachers say
“Play Roly is bang on. I share it with my class parents and really enjoy seeing the progress the children make when they Play Roy at home and participate in class early reading activities—the one-on-one practice at home really makes a difference. Parents find it easy. Kids love Roly, and while they’re learning the necessary skills needed to start reading, they also have fun .”
What the experts say
“The alphabet song is important because it teaches the child the names of twenty-six categories of objects. That proves useful as they gather data about their visual properties, sounds, and combinational statistics, solving the letter-recognition problem.”
What moms say
“After completing Play Roly 5, my daughter has a better understanding that letters make certain sounds, and he has started to identify some letter sounds now. He also has begun to understand the process of sounding out letters to form a word.”
What the experts say
“When children discover a critical fact, that letters correspond to sounds that make up spoken words, their approach to both reading and spelling shifts.”

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